Quarantine Chronicles

Quarantine Chronicles - San Leandro Stories During COVID-19

We are living through a historic moment. The San Leandro History Museum would like to invite you to help us document this time by contributing your stories and materials that reflect life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The thoughts and experiences of everyday people are invaluable in understanding what life was like at any given time in history. Collecting stories and experiences from within the community will shape future understanding of the diversity of thoughts and experiences during COVID-19 in San Leandro. We encourage stories from diverse perspectives. Whether your submission demonstrates shelter-in-place, pandemic fears, social distancing, what it is like to be an essential worker, transitioning to working from home, distance learning, changes in your daily routines, family dynamics, positive changes you have experienced or interactions with others we want you to include them! We all have a story to share and no two stories are the same.

We have two ways for you to share your experiences - online written submissions, using writing prompts, and digital material submissions. We encourage, but do not require, you to submit both. You can contribute as many submissions as you wish.

Further Information

Some submissions may be shared via Museum social media and all submissions will be archived and made available through a new Museum digital collection project. At this time we can only accept digital submissions. View our Quarantine Chronicles frequently asked questions (FAQ) page (PNG) for answers to questions you might have. Please feel free to email San Leandro Stories for any additional questions.

Thank you for helping us document this historic event. This is a collective effort. Your contributions are crucial to the telling of the full story of COVID-19 as experienced by the San Leandro community. This is your story.

History is not just one story, but many stories. Please share yours with us.

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Collage of Images Unique to the Times of COVID-19 including Mask Mandate Signs, Tape Off Areas, Empt