500 Books Before Middle School

The Goal

  • Read 500 books before 6th grade

How to Sign Up

  • Sign up on Beanstack to track your reading and rewards online or
  • Use our paper tracker to track your progress
  • You'll get a free book for signing up!

How It Works

  • This program is for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade.
  • Read and read some more. The goal is to reach 500 books before your child starts middle school (and yes, you can repeat books)
  • Once you've read or listened to 50 books, come to the Library for a milestone prize! You can choose a different prize for every 50 books you read.
  • Finish the program by reading 500 books to earn your finisher prize kit

Prefer to read for 500 hours instead? That works, too! Just track hours instead of books using the same reading log or on Beanstack, then come in when you hit your milestones.

Sound Impossible? It's Not!

  • If you read 2 books a week, you will have read 104 books in a year. That is 208 books in two years and 312 books in three years! You have more time than you think to complete the 500 Books Before Middle School challenge!
  • If you decide to track hours instead, that's less than 2 hours a week if you start in kindergarten or 1st grade.