Chime Way

The City of San Leandro unveiled Chime Way, a collaboration between the City and the Exploratorium Studio for Public Places in 2016. This collaborative, publicly accessible and participant-activated auditory experience visually enhances Joaquin Plaza in Downtown San Leandro, creates an educational experience for users, and provides practical seating for visitors. The exhibit features eight points of interaction where visitors can use a rocking, glider-chair mechanism to trigger individually pitched overhead chimes for a soothingly ambient, pentatonic musical experience.

The design has resulted in an elegant archway through which people can walk. The auditory component has been designed to produce enough resonance to be enjoyable while not causing disruption to neighboring businesses. This installation was made possible via grant funding from the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

Chime Way 21 (JPG)

The Chime Way project caught the eye of the press - see what the media had to say:

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