Mural Art

Murals offer accessibility to art and creative expression as an integrated component of the physical environment, in effect turning public spaces into open art galleries. Aesthetically, murals also promote a sense of identity and belonging while communicating a welcoming and open atmosphere, and helping to strengthen the community's ability to identify with its place. In 2017, the City embarked on a Mural Art Project in an effort of revitalization and activation. View the video about this project.

When Water Flows, the Land and People Will Thrive

  • Artist: Mike "BAM" Tyau
  • Location: Downtown San Leandro BART Station
    Substation building (1401 San Leandro Blvd)

Oakland muralist BAM designed this San Leandro Creek-inspired mural in the fall of 2022. The mural was painted by San Leandro-based muralist/artist Vogue in December 2022.

Where Water Flows (Mural)
BAM Mural Installation 1
BAM Mural Installation 2


  • Artist: Pastel
  • Location: 1605 Abram Court (posterior wall, adjacent to the southbound Marina Boulevard exit on I-880)

Argentinian muralist Pastel installed this monumental mural in February of 2017. As is typical of Pastel's style, the theme of the mural incorporates flora common to the local area.

Pastel Panoramic (JPG)
Pastel San Leandro 3 (JPG)
Pastel Panoramic 2 (JPG)
Pastel San Leandro 6 (JPG)

Around Here

  • Artists: Troy Lovegates and Cannon Dill
  • Location: 1800 Merced Street

In March and April of 2017, established Oakland muralists Troy Lovegates and Cannon Dill collaborated on this massive mural, which celebrates San Leandro's manufacturing heritage. The workers represented in the mural are employees from several San Leandro manufacturing businesses.

1800 Merced Panoramic 1 (JPG)
Worker 1 (JPG)
Worker 2 (JPG)
Worker 3 (JPG)
Worker 4 (JPG)
Worker 5 (JPG)
Worker 6 (JPG)
Worker 7 (JPG)

Sound & Color

  • Artist: Kelly Ording
  • Location: 14995 Farnsworth Street

Oakland artist and muralist Kelly Ording installed this vibrant and abstract mural adjacent to the active intersection of Farnsworth Street and Manor Boulevard in the Washington Manor neighborhood in February 2017.

Kelly Ording 3 (JPG)
Kelly Ording 1 (JPG)
Kelly Ording 2 (JPG)


  • Artist: Sarah Bowser
  • Location: 15000 Farnsworth Street

Multimedia artist Sarah Bowser installed this whimsical and three-dimensional mural in the Washington Manor between March and May of 2018. The mural is constructed of painted wood appliques that have been mounted onto the wall.

Bowser 3 (JPG)
Bowser 1 (JPG)
Bowser 2 (JPG)

The Great Migration of the Monarch Butterfly

  • Artist: Rigo 23
  • Location: 1314 San Leandro Boulevard (posterior wall of St. Leander School gymnasium, adjacent to San Leandro Boulevard)

In 2014, San Francisco muralist Rigo 23 adorned the St. Leander School gymnasium with this striking mural, which celebrates both the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary and San Leandro's Portuguese heritage.

Rigo 23 1 (JPG)
Rigo 23 2 (JPG)
Rigo 23 3 (JPG)
Rigo 23 4 (JPG)

Marina Dog Park

  • Artist: Ernest Doty
  • Location: Dog Park South of Marina Park (along Bay Trail)

In 2019, Oakland artist Ernest Doty created a fence mural along the newly restored dog park South of Marina Park. The mural is painted on slats weaved into the wire fence and features several breeds of canines.

Marina Dog Park 1 (JPG)
Marina Dog Park 2 (JPG)
Marina Dog Park 3 (JPG)
Marina Dog Park 4 (JPG)