Project Meetings & Updates

Recent Meetings

In the Public Hearing on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, the San Leandro City Council approved entitlements and agreements for the project. 

Staff Report and Exhibits for June 21stMeeting Agenda Packet, including Staff Report, exhibits and agreements:

The Planning Commission approved entitlements for the project on June 2, 2022 (Continued from May 19, 2022).

Staff Report and exhibits for May 19  - Meeting Agenda (

Work Sessions:  The Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Adjustments and City Council received updates and held work sessions on the planning entitlements for the Monarch Bay Shoreline Development, including information on site plans and design details for the new hotel, housing, restaurant and market. 

Planning Commission Work Session - March 3, 7:00PM

City Council Work Session - March 14, 6:30PM

Past Meetings

In a February 24, 2020 meeting, the City Council approved a Disposition and Development Agreement with the developer, Cal-Coast, as well as amendments to the General Plan and Zoning Map. The amendments were also approved by the Planning Commission on February 6, 2020.

An informational meeting took place on January 28, 2020 at the Marina Community Center, Titan Auditorium, 15301 Wicks Boulevard. Access the presentation (PDF). The City Council received a presentation on the project on January 21, 2020 in City Council Chambers. A meeting of the Shoreline Advisory Group was also held on January 15, 2020 at the Marina Community Center, Multipurpose Room C. A Planning Commission Hearing took place on February 6, 2020.

Project Status Presented to City Council

The City Council received a presentation on the project status at its meeting on January 21st at City Hall, during which the public was able to attend to learn more about the project. The community was also invited to learn more at a public informational meeting which was held at in the Titan Auditorium in the Marina Community Center on January 28th. Public Hearings on proposed amendments to the General Plan Land Use Map and Zoning Map for the Shoreline area took place at a Planning Commission meeting on Thursday, February 6, 2020 and will also take place at an upcoming City Council meeting at 7 pm on Monday, February 24, 2020. At its hearing, the City Council will also consider City agreements associated with the project. These meetings will both take place in Council Chambers at City Hall (835 E 14th Street).


On July 20, 2015, the City Council adopted Resolution Number 2015-125 certifying an EIR entitled, "San Leandro Shoreline Development Project EIR (SCH Number 2013072011)." In conjunction with the certification of the Certified EIR, a Mitigation Monitoring and Report Program (MMRP) was adopted for the Project. Pursuant to CEQA and the CEQA Guidelines, the City of San Leandro completed an Addendum to the San Leandro Shoreline Development Project Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The Addendum includes an environmental analysis checklist, based on Appendix G of the CEQA Guidelines, which analyzed the changes to the Shoreline Development Project and whether the environmental effects from the proposed project would be any different from those disclosed in the Certified EIR. The Addendum concluded that the proposed project would not result in any new significant impacts or substantially increase the severity of any significant impacts identified in the Certified EIR. No new information of substantial importance was identified and no new mitigation measures would be necessary to reduce significant impacts.

Community Input

Input from the community has been highly valuable in getting the project to this point. Following these fundamental steps, there will be another round of public meetings and project review, focusing on the design details for the project, including site plan reviews, architectural design review, and park programming and design. Despite numerous hurdles along the way, the project is now closer to a shovel in the ground than ever before.

October 9, 2017 Work Session Update

In an October 9, 2017 Work Session, Cal-Coast Development presented new updates on the Monarch Bay Shoreline Development Project to the City Council. This update follows a prior update on April 3, 2017, when new designs were introduced that incorporated some notable changes, including the removal of buildings from the outer shoreline area and enhancement of park space in these areas, as well as the elimination of office space from the project.

Over the past year, the City and Cal-Coast Development have been working with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) to ensure that the plans developed over the years with significant input from the community meet BCDC's regulations. The changes are largely the result of BCDC's requirement that the project plan for anticipated sea level rise of 65 inches. The mandate that the project raise the building floor an additional 30+ inches resulted in construction costs that were prohibitively high along the outer shoreline area.

Cal-Coast presented some striking graphic renderings, including video of the design concept. The new designs offer more open space and there is a general consensus that the project has been improved. The new concept maintains the 220-room hotel, half of which will be a Hyatt Place and the other half a Hyatt Home, two new restaurants, one of which will host an upstairs banquet facility, an apartment complex, single family and town houses. Additional park land for outdoor activities is provided, as well as a pedestrian promenade and bike lanes that connect the bay trail.


To learn more about project updates and view the October 9 presentation: