Shoreline Advisory Group


On May 1, 2012, the City Council Shoreline-Marina Committee approved the 21 members of the Shoreline Advisory Group.  In October 2012, three new members, who demonstrated an expertise in design and architecture, were added to the Committee.  The members include the following individuals:

  • Audrey Albers
  • Clinton Bolden
  • Diana L. Cin
  • Peggy Hynd Combs
  • John Dilsaver
  • Tom Fitzsimons
  • Marilyn Fong
  • Alfred Frates
  • Bob Fukishima
  • Jeff Houston
  • Susan Leiga
  • Robert G. Leigh
  • Matt Maloon
  • René Mendieta
  • Harry Metaxas
  • Steve Modifer
  • Mike Nolan
  • Gil Raposo
  • Carole A. Rinaldi
  • Caryl Ann Symons
  • Audrey Velasquez

Formation & Goals

A Shoreline Advisory Group (SAG) has been formed to provide continuing input to the City Council and development team on a comprehensive master plan for 40 acres of San Leandro's shoreline. The goal of the new shoreline development is to provide additional amenities to the San Leandro community that recognize and connect with current uses at the shoreline, such as the Monarch Bay Golf Course. The long-term vision for the plan is that its implementation must require little or no City investment and result in a Shoreline that is self-sustaining.

The SAG is composed of 21 members of the Shoreline Citizens Advisory Committee (Shoreline CAC) that have indicated an interest in continuing to assist the City of San Leandro and Cal-Coast Developers in the shoreline development project. The Shoreline CAC held their first meeting in December 2008 and met at the Marina Inn on select Wednesdays at 7 pm. Meetings were open to the public and all community members were invited to attend and provide input. The Shoreline CAC fulfilled their mission and was disbanded in the Spring of 2011 when the City Council signed an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement with Cal-Coast Developers. For more information on the Shoreline CAC, including meeting highlights and past presentations, click here. The City Council Shoreline-Marina Committee directed staff to proceed to work with the SAG in order to continue to have valuable community input on the Shoreline Development as it moves forward.