Adopt a Drain

SL_Prepare_3San LeaCitiesOfService_Square Opens in new windowndro has approximately 2,200 storm drain inlets that can become clogged with litter and leaf debris throughout the year. This can lead to localized flooding during the rainy season, and also contamination of San Leandro Creek and the San Francisco Bay. San Leandro residents and businesses can help the City and their neighborhoods prepare for rainstorms by adopting one or more drains near their home or business. It doesn't take much to keep a storm drain clear. A monthly commitment to check the drain and remove the debris on top goes a long way in helping Public Works maintain the drains to reduce flooding and prevent pollution of our waterways. This initiative was funded by a grant from Cities of Service. For more information, please visit

Sign Up to Adopt a Drain!

To adopt a drain, identify an available drain from the map below, and use the Drain ID from the map to complete the registration form. 

For additional information including the benefits of adoption and the terms of participation, view the Prepare San Leandro video and visit the Volunteer Resources page.

Adopt a Drain volunteers Verna Castro and Yamari Castro-McDanielAdopt a Drain volunteers Verna Castro and Yamari Castro-McDaniel

Adopt-a-Drain volunteers Verna Castro and grandson Yamari Castro-McDaniel cleaning the storm drains to help reduce flooding during rainstorms

Benefits of Drain Adoption

  • Receive an adopter packet with high-visibility volunteer t-shirt (sized L and XL), certificate of participation, and reminder refrigerator magnet;
  • Pick your own drain name to be listed on the Adopt a Drain page;
  • Your adopted drain(s) will be marked with a special medallion;
  • Become eligible to receive tools and supplies for keeping your drain(s) maintained; and
  • Gain pride in knowing that you are keeping your community and the local waterways clean and reducing the possibility of your drains from flooding during storms.

Check out the Adopt-a-Drain map below or here at this link!