Sustainability in the Community

Farmacy photo

The mural at Dig Deep Farms in San Leandro

Find out more about how you can take care of our local environment and community.

  • Adopt a Drain: Help prevent localized flooding on San Leandro streets during rainstorms.
  • Air Quality Monitoring: Learn about the air you breathe and the agency that monitors air pollution in the bay area. 
  • Climate Change and Resilience: Find out more about the Climate Action Plan and how San Leandro will adapt to climate change.
  • Creeks and Bay: Did you ever wonder where the extra water goes during a rainstorm? Learn about how stormwater runs into San Leandro’s creeks and eventually into the bay. 
  • Urban Forest: Learn about the many benefits of urban trees and what the City is doing to keep them healthy.
  • Resilience Hubs: Learn about this initiative that combines climate resilience, equity and community belonging, and emergency preparedness
  • Homegrown Habitats: Join the latest community effort to increase native plant species around San Leandro!