Urban Forest

Benefits of Trees infographic


Trees are a vital part of a healthy community, helping to keep us cool during extreme heat and making us more adaptable to a changing climate. It's getting hotter and this heat increase will be hard on everyone, but especially for children, the elderly, people living with disabilities, and people who live alone. 

Planting trees is an investment in the future livability and resilience of our communities as we adapt to a changing climate. Shade trees that are strategically planted around buildings can reduce summertime air temperatures by as much as 9°F, and shaded surfaces may be as much as 45°F cooler than un-shaded surfaces. Neighborhood trees—even those not directly on your property—contribute to a cooler climate and more livable community for all residents. 

Urban trees are good for so many other reasons too!

  • Filtering up to a third of fine particle pollutants within 300 yards of a tree
  • Cooling city streets by 2-4F, reducing deaths from heat and cutting energy use
  • Reducing rates of cardiac disease, strokes, and asthma due to improved air quality
  • Protecting biodiversity including habitat for migrating birds and pollinators
  • Reducing obesity levels by increasing physical activity including walking and cycling
  • Managing stormwater, keeping pollutants out of waterways and reducing urban flooding
  • Increasing neighborhood property values
  • Reducing stress by helping interrupt thought patterns that lead to anxiety and depression

Check out the interactive database below of our public city trees!


Sign up to help plant trees and participate in other tree care activities through the CalFire tree grant.