Hazardous Materials Area Plan

The Hazardous Materials Area Plan program is a planning tool for local government agencies to respond to and minimize impacts from a release or threatened release of hazardous material.  It requires local CUPAs to create a plan that:

  • Identifies hazardous materials that pose a threat to the community;
  • Develops procedures for emergency response;
  • Provides for notification and coordination of emergency response personnel;
  • Provides for public safety, including notification and evacuation;
  • Establishes training for emergency response personnel;
  • Identifies emergency response supplies and equipment; and
  • Provides for feedback and follow-up after a major incident.

The local Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) is responsible for developing the plan in coordination with local emergency response agencies.  The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) is the oversight agency for the Area Plan program.  The City of San Leandro Environmental Services Section is the CUPA for incorporated San Leandro.  The City of San Leandro contracts with the Alameda County Fire Department for hazardous materials response services.

How does the CUPA identify hazardous materials in the community?

The CUPA collects information from businesses that handle hazardous material through the Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP) and California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) programs, which require detailed reporting from businesses and inspection of businesses by the CUPA.   This information provides the basis for the Area Plan and is used to determine the appropriate level of emergency planning to respond to a release.

More information is available on the CalAEPA website at  https://calepa.ca.gov/cupa/about/

Download the City of San Leandro’s Area Plan.