Recycled Water Station

For technical reasons, the City of San Leandro Recycled Water Fill Station will not be opening for residential customers for summer 2022. City staff are investigating the problems with the system but it may require additional upgrades. The station will be accepting applications for commercial truck-fill for specific uses soon.

After opening for residential customers in June 2019, closing because of the pandemic for 2020, then reopening in September 2021, the City tested the system again in spring 2022. Unfortunately, even with the addition of new chemicals, the water produced by the filtration system was not reliably meeting the stringent requirements for residential irrigation. In an effort to respond to drought conditions, the City sought and received regulatory permission to use the station to produce water for specific commercial uses such as dust control or street sweeping. 

 The City will continue to investigate the problems with the system with the goal of opening for residential and commercial users in 2023.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Please contact 510-577-3434 if you have any questions.

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