Recycled Water Station

The City of San Leandro Recycled Water Fill Station is closed for the season. If winter 2022 is especially dry, the station may reopen, otherwise it will reopen in spring 2022.

The water meets strict water quality standards and is safe for watering trees, lawns and gardens -- just rinse any food in drinking water before you eat it.

Residents of the City of San Leandro can receive up to 275 gallons at a time. If you're interested, please read the Recycled Water Training and complete the Permit Application before you come. You'll also need to provide your own container to transport the water.

The station is located at 3000 Davis Street in San Leandro. As you drive down Davis Street, watch for the Recycled Water signs on the right about 200 yards before the end of the road. Call 510-421-2140 when you get here and someone come and meet you at the gate.

After we received approval from City Council to create a Residential Tertiary Treated Recycled Water Fill Station in February 2016, we bought the necessary equipment and starting putting the system together. After completing the system and receiving regulatory approval start distributing water, the Station opened to the public on June 6, 2019. See below for pictures of the system.

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