Reach Codes

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What is a reach code?

Reach codes are a local requirement that go beyond the State code requirements on green buildings. These can include new requirements on all-electric buildings, more electric vehicle chargers, energy efficiency, and more. 

As part of the Climate Action Plan 2021 commitments, San Leandro kicked off its reach code development process in November 2021 and will be supported by technical assistance from East Bay Community Energy (EBCE).

Reach Codes make public health a top priority

When they go all-electric, buildings, vehicles, and off-road equipment transition from carbon-based fuels such as natural gas, gasoline, and diesel to clean energy provided by EBCE. By developing reach codes, San Leandro can do our part to save energy, reduce GHG emissions, and meet our climate goals.

Every three years, cities and counties across the state can adopt local reach codes in line with the new Building Standards Code (Standards), or Title 24, of the California Code of Regulations.

Several cities within Alameda County have utilized reach codes, including Albany, Berkeley, Fremont, Hayward, and Oakland. Over 50 cities across California have adopted reach codes and more are developing them now

Reach codes may include:

Prescriptive Codes

One or more specific energy efficiency measures are required, such as high-efficiency all-electric heating equipment.

Performance Codes

Requires that a building must perform more efficiently, based on accepted computer modeling. Performance codes allow trade-offs between energy efficiency measures.

How To Participate

Staff will be organizing public listening sessions over the course of the next year to ensure that input and concerns from developers, industry leaders, and property managers are incorporated into the design of the local San Leandro reach code. Materials from those outreach events will be posted here. Public presentations to Planning Commission and City Council are planned for late spring/summer 2022. The goal is to adopt the building and EV reach codes by fall 2022 and have them go into effect in Jan 2023. Register below for the zoom link.