REC Link Program Subsidy

The REC Link Program provides reduced recreation fees to allow low income families living in the City of San Leandro to participate in recreation programs. In order to comply with federal regulations, families are required to provide current income information to determine eligibility. If an application is approved, then each individual under the age of 17 or above 50 will be eligible for a 25% reduction of fees per class with a total of $250.00 per year in grant towards our programs.

  1. How to Apply
  2. Application

1.     Visit a customer service location: Marina Community Center (15301Wicks Blvd.) or Senior Community Center (13909 East 14th St.)

2.     Complete and submit the REC Link Application to [email protected]     

3.     Provide the following documents:

  • Photo ID or current utility bill  (residency verification)
  • Copy of federal tax income return - Form 1040 or 1040EZ (income verification)

 4.     Once an application has been approved, then it's time to enroll in recreation activities! We can help you with that too!