How & Where to Apply for a Planning Permit

  1. Connect with the Planner-On-Duty to confirm what type of planning application permit is required for your proposal and to confirm your application fees.
  2. File your application in-person at the Permit Center. Please bring all the application materials listed in the application checklist for your application type (CUP, Admin Review, Site PIan Review, etc.), including property owner signature(s), payment, and required drawings and documents.
    • Appeals to the Board of Zoning Adjustments are filed with the Planning Division at the Permit Center, which is on the First Floor of City Hall, 835 E 14th Street.
    • Appeals to City Council are filed with the City Clerk on the Second Floor of City Hall, 835 E 14th Street.
  3. You may also file your application online using our online Accela Citizen Access Portal (ACA), with prior authorization from the Planner-On-Duty. Here is a helpful handout with User Instructions for the online Accela Citizen Access Portal (PDF). Once submitted, the Planner-On-Duty will review your submittal and contact you directly to coordinate payment and next steps.  

Please Note:

  • Applications sent in by mail or email will not be accepted for processing.
  • Uploading exhibits to the online Accela Citizen Access Portal does not constitute submittal of a complete application.
  • Applications that remain incomplete and inactive for longer than six months may be withdrawn and closed, pursuant to San Leandro Administrative Code Section 5.5.120.
  • To submit an application to request a Building Permit, visit the Building Division website. Examples of building permits include: solar, electrical, meter upgrades, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), construction, and demolition.
  • To submit an application to request an Encroachment Permit, visit the Engineering Department website.