San Leandro Homeless Compact

This historic partnership includes the City of San Leandro, Building Futures, April Showers, the San Leandro Police Department, and the Rental Housing Association of Southern Alameda County.

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The San Leandro Homeless Compact represents an innovative collaboration between the Recreation and Human Services department (City of San Leandro) , Building Futures with Women and Children and April Showers dedicated to providing long-term housing and services to chronically homeless individuals in San Leandro.


  • Federal Housing /Shelter +Care Vouchers/Building Futures
  • Leadership with Trust and Compassion
  • Unique Partnership

Homelessness in San Leandro:alameda county everyone counts better

  • 2019 Alameda County Homeless Point-in-Time Count & Survey
  • San Leandro was ranked 5th highest in the county with a total of 418 homeless individuals. San Leandro has an estimated population of 90,500.
  • Oakland, which is located on the north border of San Leandro, was ranked the Highest in the county with a total of 4,071 homeless individuals. Oakland has an estimated population of 425,195. 

Homeless Response Resource Guide:

In collaboration with the Community Development, Public Works, and the Police Department, the Human Services Department has developed a Homeless Response Resource Guide to support needs associated with the increase of unhoused neighbors in San Leandro.  This document contains thorough contact information and instructions in response to a variety of situations.  Who to contact, depending on the context and location, is very important as we leverage our community partners and our knowledgeable staff in each department.  This Guide will support internal coordination efforts, while providing information and resources to our businesses and residents.

Homeless Response Resource Guide