What about Real Estate signage?

In residential districts, Real Estate signs may not exceed six (6) sq. ft in signage area, exclusive of riders. You may display one sign per listing broker, per frontage of the property. Riders are limited to no more than 3 square feet.

In commercial and industrial districts, maximum sizes of Real Estate signs are based on frontage as follows:

Property Frontage
Permitted Sign Size
0 to 49 feet
12 square feet
50 to 199 feet
24 square feet
200+ feet
32 square feet

Additionally, window signs may not exceed the dimensions of 2 by 3 feet. All signage must be non-illuminated.  Sign structure shall be neutral or matching color.  All signs shall be maintained in good condition and free of graffiti.

(San Leandro Zoning Code Section 4-1806 (H))

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