What constitutes “good faith efforts”?

In order to show good faith efforts towards meeting the Local Business Participation Goal, the contractor shall certify that it has already completed, or will complete during the course of the project, at least five of the following activities:

  1. Attending any pre-solicitation or pre-bid meetings scheduled by the City to inform all contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers of the project and the requirements of this policy
  2. Convening a meeting within the City of San Leandro for San Leandro businesses, suppliers, nonprofit organizations and residents to identify specific items of work to be performed on the project in order to increase the likelihood of meeting the business participation goal and intent of this chapter, including breaking down contracts into smaller units
  3. Listing all contact information for any San Leandro business or nonprofit organization that will participate in the project, or provide services or supplies to the prime contractor
  4. Advertising for subcontracting, supplying or employment opportunities on the project not less than 20 calendar days before the date bids are due in one or more daily or weekly newspapers, websites, trade association publications, trade journals or other media
  5. Documentation of personal contacts with San Leandro businesses informing them of the opportunity to subcontract or supply to the project
  6. Documentation of good faith negotiations with San Leandro businesses and nonprofit organizations to subcontract or supply to the project
  7. Making the project plans, specifications and in the case of a construction, design or engineering contract, the City Engineer's estimates available for review upon the request of interested San Leandro businesses
  8. Documentation of requests for assistance from San Leandro community organizations, contractors or professional groups, local, state or federal business assistance offices or other organizations that provide assistance in the recruitment and placement of San Leandro businesses

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