How do I get involved?

Getting involved in the City's Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is simple. There are no requirements other than the desire to establish or maintain a "Crime Free" environment. The three phases of the program do not have to be completed in consecutive order; however, we do recommend attendance of the Phase I Training Class first, as this class outlines all three phases of the program. Once the apartment community is fully certified, the property will be allowed to display Crime Free Multi-Housing signs. The property will also be granted use of the program logo for marketing purposes.

See which communities are participating in this program and have successfully become certified.

Further Information

For more information on the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program or to register for an upcoming training contact:

Crime Prevention Unit
Email Crime Prevention Unit
Phone: 510-577-3228

Community Service Officer Jennifer Crosby
Email Jennifer Crosby
Phone: 510-577-3252

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