Why are there no available tickets in Discover & Go (D&G)?

The number of passes available and terms of use are set by the participating organizations. Tickets might not be available for the following reasons:

  • Museums limit the number of tickets available to our patrons.
  • Museums restrict the number of passes a cardholder can reserve for a given period.
  • All tickets are booked for a given period or a museum hasn't released new tickets.
  • The minimum age to reserve a pass is 14 years old. For some attractions, the minimum age will be 16 or 18 and up. Attractions available for older age groups will not display on the screen when someone younger logs in. For example: the de Young Museum has an age limit of 18 and up. If a 14 year old logs into the D&G site, the de Young Museum passes will not show up on the screen.

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1. Why are there no available tickets in Discover & Go (D&G)?
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