What is a Mixed Construction and Demolition (C&D) Facility?

Mixed C&D facilities accept mixed loads of materials (i.e. cardboard, wood, metal, drywall, etc.) that they sort, process, and distribute. Going to a mixed C&D facility is a convenient option if you do not have the jobsite space to separate materials, and/or if you do not have the time to take sorted materials to various recycling facilities.

Note: Recycling fees for mixed loads tend to be higher than for separated loads. Materials must be directed to the recycling area at these facilities to be properly recycled.

The following facilities accept mixed loads of construction debris:

  1. Bee Green Recycling and Supply, LLC, Oakland
    Phone: 510-636-0852
  2. Davis Street Transfer Station, San Leandro
    Phone: 510-638-2303
  3. Fremont Recycling and Transfer Station, Fremont
    Phone: 510-252-0500
  4. Guadalupe Materials Recovery Facility, San Jose
    Phone: 408-268-1670
  5. Marin Resource Recovery Center, San Rafael
    Phone: 415-485-5646
  6. Newby Island Landfill, San Jose
    Phone: 408-262-1401
  7. Recology, San Francisco
    Phone: 415-330-1400
  8. Vasco Road Landfill, Livermore
    Phone: 925-447-0491
  9. Zanker Material Processing Facility, San Jose
    Phone: 408-263-2384

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