Can I appeal the NAO?

In accordance with the San Leandro Municipal Code (7-5-1210), any person aggrieved by a notice and order of the Building Official to repair, vacate and repair, or demolish any building or portion thereof, may appeal such order to the Board of Appeals within 10 days from the date of service of such notice and order. The written appeal shall be delivered to:
City of San Leandro, Community Development Department
835 E 14th Street
San Leandro, CA 94577

(San Leandro Municipal Code Title 7, Chapter 5, Section 1210)

Appeal Requirements

A written appeal must contain the following:

  • The names and addresses of all appellants
  • A brief statement setting forth the legal interest of each of the appellants in the land or building involved in the NAO
  • A brief statement of the specific order protested
  • A brief statement of the relief sought and the reasons therefore.

On receipt of such appeal, the Building Official shall set the matter for hearing before the Board of Appeals. Notice of the date, hour and place of hearing shall be posted and served at least ten days before the date set for the hearing in the manner and upon the person specified in Section 7-5-1135 of the Municipal Code. The notice of hearing shall order all interested parties who desire to be heard to appear and show cause, if any, why the building or portion thereof involved in the proceedings should not be repaired, vacated and repaired or demolished.

Failure to appeal within ten days of the date of service of notice and order shall constitute a waiver of all rights to a hearing and determination of the matter.

(San Leandro Municipal Code Title 7, Chapter 5, Section 1135)

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