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National Night Out Registration Form

  1. NNO LOGO 2023
  2. We would like a Police Department representative to visit during our event:*
  3. Due to staffing levels, it may be necessary to limit the number of sites visited. Requests will be filled on a “first come” basis.

  4. We would like elected officials (Police Chief, Mayor, City Council, etc.) to visit our event:*
  5. Your party will be added to a list of others that have requested VIP visits. While we will do our best to honor this request, it cannot be guaranteed .

  6. We would like members of the local media to stop by for photo opportunities:*
  7. If you answer “No” you will be excluded from the party list provided to press. If your party is of a large scale and in a public place, they may still find it.

  8. (Parties with food and entertainment are always better attended by all involved.)

  9. Questions?

    Contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 510-577-3228.

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