Utility Box Art

Utility Box Art

Utility box art is an impactful way for a city to add vibrant and original public art, in particular because the medium is so abundant. The City of San Leandro is home to over 180 utility boxes, many of whom disrupt the public right-of-way without much regard to aesthetics. Since 2014, with the help of Streets Alive! and ABG Art Group, the City has completed three phases of utility box art installations, creating a collection of 68 utility boxes adorned with high quality art.

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  136th Avenue / Bancroft Avenue
Lynnea Holland-Weiss (Oakland, CA)
  Aladdin Ave / Teagarden St
Chris Granillo (Oakland, CA)
  Alvarado St / Teagarden St
Ernest Doty (Oakland, CA) 

Bancroft Avenue / Callan Avenue
Speth Szabo (San Leandro, CA)
  Bancroft Avenue / Estudillo Ave
Speth Szabo (San Leandro, CA)
 Coming soon! Best Ave / E 14th Street  Muzae Sesay (Oakland, CA)
  Dan Niemi Way / E 14th Street
Ananda Weigand (Oakland, CA)
  Davis Street / Alvarado Street
Rodrigo Cavazos (San Leandro, CA)
  Dolores Street / Bancroft Ave
Simon Tran (Oakland, CA)
  Dolores Street / E 14th Street Robert Heubel (San Leandro, CA)
Dutton Avenue/ MacArthur Boulevard 
Fei Mok (San Leandro, CA)
  Dutton Avenue / Bancroft Avenue
Troy Lovegates (Oakland, CA)
 Coming soon! E 14th Street / Dolores Ave
Barbara Hatch (Portola Valley, CA)
 Coming soon! E 14th Street / Fairmont Ave
Nina Wright (San Leandro, CA)
  Estudillo Ave / E 14th Street
Lia Tin (Berkeley, CA)
  Fairmont Avenue/ Bayfair Avenue  Ryan Montoya (Oakland, CA)
  Fairway Drive / Doolittle Drive
Kat Ott-Davis (San Leandro, CA)
  Fairway Drive / Merced Street
Lisa Hoffman (Oakland, CA)
  Fargo Ave / Washington Ave
Michelle Lagasca (San Leandro, CA)
  Fremont Ave / Alvarado St
Dan Hampe (Oakland, CA)
  Hesperian Blvd / Fairmont Dr
Elaine Tanski (Oakland, CA)
  Hesperian Blvd / Ruth Ct
Max Ehrman (Oakland, CA)
  Juana Avenue / E 14th Street Robert Heubel (San Leandro, CA)
  Lewelling Blvd / Farnsworth St
Mika Yokota (Oakland, CA)
  Lewelling Blvd / Wicks Blvd
Javier Rocabado (Oakland, CA)

MacArthur Blvd / Estudillo Ave
Max Ehrman (Oakland, CA)
  Marina Blvd / Doolittle Dr
Shannon Persley (Oakland, CA)
  Marina Blvd / Merced Street
Kat Ott-Davis (San Leandro, CA)
  Merced St / W Ave 140th
Dyanna Dimmick (Oakland, CA)

Oleander St / Halcyon St
Brian Alvarez (San Leandro, CA)
  Parrott Street / E 14th Street
Ricky Watts (Oakland, CA)
  Plaza del Oro (E. 14th Street)
Lisa Hoffman (Oakland, CA)
  San Leandro Blvd / Davis Street
Katie Bertsche (Berkeley, CA)
  San Leandro Blvd / Williams St
Tim Diet (San Leandro, CA)
 Coming soon! W. Broadmoor  / E 14th Street
Paula Hansen (San Leandro, CA) 
  Warden Ave / Davis Street
Dan Bunn (Oakland, CA)
  Washington Ave / Estabrook St
Josh Mays (Oakland, CA)
  Washington Ave / San Leandro Blvd
Brett Flanigan (Oakland, CA)
  Washington Ave / Springlake Ave
Brian Alvarez (San Leandro, CA)
  Wayne Ave / Marina Blvd
Erik Beltran (San Leandro, CA)
  Wicks Ave / Manor Blvd
Brie Noel (Oakland, CA)
  Wicks Ave @ Stenzel Park
Fernanda Martinez (Oakland, CA)
  Williams Street/ Merced Avenue
David Polka (Oakland, CA)


Robert Heubel (San Leandro, CA)