San Leandro Police Department - CID Press Release San Leandro Police Department - CID Press Release

Jeff Tudor
Acting Chief of Police

901 East 14

th Street, San Leandro CA 94577


Subject :

Several more arrests made with community assistance
Contact : Randall Brandt    510 577 3232


Sandra R. Spagnoli                                Chief of Police

901 East 14th Street, San Leandro CA 94577


                PRESS RELEASE

 DATE / TIME OF RELEASE:  05/21/14, 2:42 PM


INCIDENTS:  Significant Arrests


PRESS RELEASE OFFICER:  Lt. Randall Brandt                                   


TELEPHONE: 510 577 3232



Prowler arrested for being in a resident’s backyard- On 05/21/14, approximately 1 AM, an alert resident in the 300 block of Breed Avenue reported an unknown suspect was in their backyard.  Patrol units converged on the area and observed the suspect running from them.  The suspect ran into another yard attempting to avoid capture and he was subsequently arrested for prowling.  The suspect was Jason Hart (38, no photo) of Oakland.


Suspects arrested for possessing a stolen vehicle- On 05/21/14, approximately 10:30 PM, one of our patrol officers was driving a vehicle equipped with a license plate reader (LPR) down Fairway Drive.  The LPR system revealed there was a stolen Lexus in the area.  The officer stopped the vehicle East of Merced Street and arrested Lorena Fuentes (19, photo 1) of San Lorenzo and Garry Lawrence (24, photo 2) of San Leandro for possession of a stolen vehicle.


Suspect arrested for marijuana cultivation and possessing an illegal stolen firearm- On 05/20/14, approximately 4:30 PM, members of our Crime Suppression Unit conducted a search warrant in the 14600 block of Wiley Street.  They determined a marijuana cultivation operation was being conducted within the residence.  Over 700 plants were recovered along with a stolen firearm.  The suspect Engsin Tan (38), photo 3) was arrested for cultivating marijuana and possessing a stolen firearm.


Suspect arrested for possessing a stolen vehicle- On 05/20/14, approximately        10:50 AM, our staff responded to a possible automotive burglary in progress.  The caller observed a subject leave a vehicle parked in the 400 block of W. Juana Avenue.  The suspect was scene rummaging through a second vehicle.  The caller immediately reported his observations to our dispatch center and they relayed the information to our staff over the radio.   The suspect was gone when our staff arrived.  Our units started checking the surrounding areas and they located the suspect in the 700 block of Peralta Avenue.  Their investigation revealed the vehicle he had parked had been reported stolen in Oakland.  He had also broken into the second vehicle and attempted to steal stereo components.  The suspect Eric Soto (33), photo 4) was arrested for possessing a stolen vehicle and committing the automotive burglary.




Please contact the San Leandro Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division with any information regarding this case at 510-577-3230 or contact the Anonymous Tip Line at 510-577-3278.

Citizens can also send an anonymous tip to San Leandro Police Department by texting the word SLPD and their tip to 88777. Anonymous web tips can be submitted from the Police Department’s website at

For crime prevention tips please go to the Police Department’s website at or contact our Crime Prevention Unit at 510-577-3228.

Citizens play a critical role in creating a safe environment by observing and reporting any suspicious and criminal activity to the Police.  The San Leandro Police Department recommends that citizens do not participate in any direct verbal or physical involvement with suspicious persons or those who are committing crimes. The personal safety of the community is paramount. We encourage the San Leandro community to record the details of what they observe and to report those details to the Police.  This type of community involvement and partnership has proven to be a very effective crime prevention tool. Citizens act as the eyes and ears of the community first, and the extended eyes and ears of the San Leandro Police Department. Thank you for being a force multiplier in our efforts to provide professional police services and safety to the community.