Green Building Programs

Green Building Programs

Since buildings have been shown to account for nearly 40 percent of the nation's energy consumption, the City of San Leandro has undertaken a number of green building efforts, including a mandatory green building ordinance for City projects valued at over $3 M.

Green Building Checklist

A Green Building Checklist to ensure compliance with the 2016 California Green Building Standard Code, also known as CAL Green, is listed below for both residential and commercial projects. Starting January 1, 2017, new construction, additions, and alterations are subject to CAL Green requirements.

Green Building Checklist - Residential

Green Building Checklist - Non Residential

The checklist must be submitted with and incorporated into the plan sets, and any items that are marked on the checklists must then be referenced and detailed in the plans.

Green Building Ordinance for City Facilities

The City's Green Building Ordinance ( Title 3, Chapter 3-19 ) requires a minimum LEED rating of "Silver" for construction projects valued at over $3 million on City-owned facilities. (LEED is a rating system created by the U.S. Green Building Council that ranks different levels of design and construction aimed at improving a building's energy efficiency.) The ordinance promotes healthy and efficient City facilities through design, construction and operation, and helps the City reduce its energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Voluntary Green Building Guidelines for Private Development

In 2006, the City Council endorsed several leading guidelines developed by outside organizations for commercial and residential green building practices as well as sustainable landscaping. The endorsed guidelines include:

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