Building Code Enforcement

Building Code Enforcement

Welcome to Building Code Enforcement. Building Code Enforcement operates under Building & Safety Services and ensures that new construction and structural improvements in San Leandro are executed safely and in compliance with the California Building Standards Code. Our primary mission is "Fire, Life, and Safety," to assist our residents, property owners, and contractors to ensure proper permits are in place when required. The Building Code Enforcement Team is responsible for enforcing the City's Municipal Code, the California Building, Electric, Plumbing, and Mechanical Codes, the International Property Maintenance Code, and the California Health and Safety Code (Sec. 17920). These codes govern structures over 120 square feet.

The enforcement process begins when a concern is reported to us. The preferred method to report concerns is by using MySL. In addition, you can click here to view the Building Code Enforcement Request Form (directions on how to turn it in are on the form).

We invite you to review our enforcement process to familiarize yourself with the steps that the Building Code Enforcement team follows in an effort to gain voluntary compliance. We also encourage you to review regulations pertaining to common concerns in our community by exploring the buttons below, and to report valid concerns.


Phone:  (510) 577-3344


Common Concerns:

Unpermitted Work

Accessory Structures

Garage Conversions

Stop Work Order

Notice & Order to Repair or Vacate

Enforcement Process


To Report Violations Not Overseen by Building Code Enforcement:


Abandoned Vehicles (Police Department)
Animal Control (Police Department)
Code Enforcement  (Code Enforcement)
Graffiti Abatement  (Public Works)
Hazardous Materials Issues (Environmental Services)
Illegal Dumping in Public Right-of-Way (Public Works)
Sidewalks (Engineering & Transportation)
Vehicle Parking (Police Department)