Retrofit Plan Set

Retrofit Plan Set

 Improving upon a concept that originated with the City of Santa Barbara, San Leandro developed a recommended standard for regulating home earthquake retrofit procedures undertaken in the community. This standard, published as a Prescriptive Plan Set for Strengthening Wood-frame Houses for Earthquakes, provides San Leandro homeowners or their contractors with a simple and straightforward procedure for obtaining a permit to strengthen a typical home subfloor system. The Prescriptive Standards are similar to those published in the Uniform Code for Building Conservation and are based on standards which were developed by the "Residential Retrofit and Repair Committee" of the California Building Officials. This committee consisted of structural engineers, building officials and architects and was organized and supported by both the California Seismic Safety Commission and the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services.

The Prescriptive Plan Set - free to any San Leandro resident or contractor working on a San Leandro retrofit project - is a pre-engineered plan showing the seismic retrofit details needed for typical wood-frame houses in most San Leandro neighborhoods. Once the easy-to-use Plan Set is filled out, the homeowner can take it to the City's Permit Center in City Hall, get a few tips from the plan-check engineer (if appropriate), pay a fixed home-retrofit permit fee and then start their work.

To view the Prescriptive Plan Set, click HERE (2.05MB).  You may also download and print this useful plan set to strengthen your own home against earthquakes with Adobe Acrobat. It's free, and you can download it directly from Adobe by clicking on the Adobe logo.

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