Garage Conversions

Garage Conversions

Commonly Asked Questions:

?What do I need to do if I receive a Notice of Violation (NOV) or Stop Work Order (SWO) regarding my garage conversion?

If you have received an NOV or SWO, a Building Code Enforcement Officer has already researched the City database confirming there are no permits on file. Contact the issuing officer within the prescribed time frame on the notice. To ensure compliance, a building permit will be required to bring the converted garage back to its original state. Once compliance is achieved, the case will be closed.

Can I legally convert my garage or legalize my converted garage into habitable space?

In some cases, you can convert your garage into a habitable space. Please contact Planning Services at (510) 577-3325 to learn more about this process. You can also learn more about the Off-Street Parking and Loading Zoning Code regulations HERE