San Leandro Codes and Ordinances

Listed below are some of the most commonly requested community development-related ordinances from either San Leandro's Municipal Code or Zoning Code. Although we make every attempt to ensure this section is up to date, please check the Municipal Code and/or Zoning Code directly to ensure you are viewing the latest version. Copies of City ordinances and resolutions can also be downloaded from the City Clerk's online records database.

Construction and Demolition Ordinance
This ordinance is intended to improve solid waste diversion in the City of San Leandro by requiring recycling of debris generated from targeted construction and demolition projects. This will also allow the City to maintain the state required 50 percent waste diversion rate and move toward achieving Alameda County's 75 percent waste diversion goal.

Density Bonus Ordinance (PDF)
This new ordinance encourages the development of affordable housing within the City for a broad range of households with varying income levels.

Historic Preservation Ordinance
Adopted in 2003, the Historic Preservation Ordinance provides greater protections for the city's historic resources and will preserve San Leandro's history long into the future.

Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance (PDF)
The Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance is used to promote the goals identified in the City's Housing Element to add affordable housing units to the City's housing stock in proportion to the identified need and to the overall increase in new jobs. (See also Housing Programs)

Noise Ordinance (PDF)
The Noise Ordinance is intended to control the adverse effect of noise sources on San Leandro citizens by prescribing standards that prohibit detrimental levels of noise and by providing a remedy for violations. The General Plan also identifies noise thresholds for new development.

Rent Review Ordinance (PDF)
The City of San Leandro's Rent Review Program began in 2001. The program provides for a review and hearing, if needed, of rent increases exceeding $75 per month or 10 percent of the rent amount within a 12-month period. Hearings are conducted by a Rent Review Board, whose members are appointed by the City Council and include two (2) tenant representatives, two (2) landlord representatives and an additional neutral party. The program is based on the use of mediation and non-binding arbitration to work jointly with tenants and landlords to respond to complaints brought before the Board. (See also Housing Programs)

Accessory Dwelling Units (PDF)
The section of the City of San Leandro Zoning Code, Article 5, Section 2-576, Secondary Dwelling Units, is intended to implement the General Plan housing policy on second dwelling units, adopted in part in response to Government Code Section 65852.1 et seq., by allowing Secondary Dwelling Units in any residential district, through ministerial review, subject to meeting the criteria defined in the ordinance.


Wood burning fireplaces installed in the City of San Leandro must meet the requirements set forth by the Bay Area Air Quality Management Board (BAAQMD). Information regarding the installation and use of wood burning appliances can be found at their website at www.baaqmd.gov.

Zoning Ordinance (Zoning Code)
The Zoning Code is comprised of regulations, known as zoning regulations, establishing various classes of zoning districts governing the use of land and the placement of buildings and improvements within districts. The regulations also provide for the administration and amendment of the Zoning Code.

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