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Conditional Use Permit / Variance Last Revised
Conditional Use Permit
Cannabis Product Manufacturing
v. 4/15/2020
Parking Exception
 v. 5/11/2020
 v. 5/1/2017

 Administrative Review and Exceptions
  Administrative Review and Exceptions v. 5/5/2020
 Fences, Walls, and Hedges
   Fences, Walls, and Hedges  v. 6/8/2020
Site Plan Review
Site Plan Review Submittal Materials
v. 11/27/2017
  Daylight Plane  v. 5/22/2018
  Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program Submittal Checklist
  Stormwater Requirements Checklist 
v. 1/14/2016
  Water Efficient Landscaping

Development Requirements - Setbacks, Coverage, Height, etc.
v. 4/16/2020
Site Plan Review - Major/Minor
v. 4/13/2020
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
Accessory Structures - Sheds, Workshops, Garages, Covered Patios, etc.
 v. 4/29/2020
  SB 35 Affordable Housing Streamlined Approval Process v. 11/23/2020 
Story Poles
 v. 4/30/2020
Example Site Plan
 v. 2/20/2020
Homeowner Property Improvement Considerations
 v. 11/27/2017
   Second Story Massing v. 12/21/2005

Home Occupation - Home Business
Home Occupation/Business
 v. 11/27/2017
Large Family Day Care (SB 234 Update) v. 9/11/2019
  Short Term Rentals    

Commercial and Industrial
Outdoor Lighting Standards
  Industrial District Development Requirements    v. 12/6/2020
Industrial Site Plan Review
   Public Convenience or Necessity  v. 6/19/2018

Temporary Signs
 v. 12/4/2017
  Sign Regulations  v. 10/12/2020
  Bayfair Center Planned Sign Program and Design Guidelines for Tenant Signage  v. 8/21/2009
  Fashion Faire Place Master Sign Program  v. 11/10/2014

 Temporary / Mobile Uses
  Mobile Food Facility  v. 3/29/2018
  Residential Temporary Container (e.g. storage POD)  v. 3/26/2018
Zoning Verification Letter
Zoning Verification Letter
 v. 1/22/2018
  Non-Residential Pre-Application Checklist  v. 12/19/2019
Building Code Compliance Appointment Checklist  v. 5/30/2019
  Complete Streets Checklist
  Substantial Improvement Worksheet (For Properties Within a FEMA Floodplain)


We encourage all applicants to visit us at the Permit Center in City Hall before submitting. We will review your plans, answer your questions and provide guidance on how to proceed. We always recommend applicants and contractors perform due diligence, review the handout checklists, and proofread their plans before filing.

All applications must be submitted in person at the Permit Center located in City Hall. Appeals to City Council are filed with the City Clerk's office located on the second floor. Applications that remain incomplete and inactive for longer than six months may be withdrawn and closed as per San Leandro Administrative Code Section §5.5.120.