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Further Reading


Planning and zoning in California is a complicated regulatory process shaped by local, State and Federal laws as well as judicial interpretations. The following books are specific to planning in California and may help provide applicants with a better understanding of how things work:


Fulton, William and Paul Shigley. Guide to California Planning. 5th Edition (or most recent). Solano Press, 2018.

Barclay, Cecily Talbert and Matthew S. Gray. California Land Use and Planning Law. 37th Edition (or most recent). Solano Press, 2020.

Herson, Albert and Gary Lucks. California Environmental Law and Policy. 2nd Edition. Solano Press, 2017.

Bass, Ronald, Kenneth Bogdan and Terry Rivasplata. CEQA Deskbook. 3rd Edition (or most recent). Solano Press, 2012.