Planning Fees and Forms

Planning Fees and Forms

Planning Fees 

Fees in the Planning Services Division are based on either direct costs or a flat rate. For applications with a direct cost, applicants must provide a deposit. Any time spent processing a direct cost application is deducted from the deposit based on the assigned city planner's hourly rate plus overhead. Additional funds are required when a deposit balance falls below 20%. The Permit Center accepts payments made by cash, check and most major credit cards. A 2.5% processing fee will be added to any payment made by credit card. 


Planning Forms

Planning applications are accepted online through our Accela Citizen Portal. To apply for a Planning Permit, you will need to complete the required Planning form. Please reference our Planning Application Submittals Guide for detailed instructions. Please check with a Planner at or 510-577-3325 if you need help knowing which form to fill out. Appeals to City Council are filed with the City Clerk located on the second floor of City Hall.

The online Accela Citizen Portal is only for Planning Permits and no Building or Engineering Permits will be accepted.  Examples of Planning Permits include: Conditional Use Permit, Site Plan Review, Administrative Review, Master Sign Program).

Please contact the Building Division at for Building Permit submittals, such as solar, electrical, meter upgrades, accessory dwelling unit (ADU), construction, and demolition.

Please contact Engineering Department at for Engineering Permits, such as encroachment and grading.

Planning Information Handouts

The Planning division posts a number of helpful handouts and maps online. If you still have questions regarding a proposed project or permit, please visit or contact us at the Permit Center in City Hall.

Development Impact Fees

Approved planning projects with new construction or additions are often required to pay Development Impact Fees when submitting for building permits. These fees help defray the cost of infrastructure and improvements necessary to serve new development. Development Impact Fees are updated annually and codified in Title 6, Chapter 4 of the San Leandro Administrative Code. A number of other outside agencies also have development impact fees that could apply to your project. The City of San Leandro is served by two school districts- the San Lorenzo Unified School District and the San Leandro Unified School District. In the southern half of the city, sewer service is provided by the Oro Loma Sanitary District. The East Bay Municipal Utilities District provides water service for most of the City. These outside agencies should be contacted for the most up-to-date development impact fees if your project application is located within their service boundaries.

All applications must be submitted in person at the Permit Center located in City Hall.  Applications that remain incomplete and inactive for longer than six months may be withdrawn and closed as per San Leandro Administrative Code Section §5.5.120.