San Leandro Creek Trail Master Plan

San Leandro Creek Trail Master Plan


(The image on the left is an existing trail at Creekside Plaza in San Leandro.  The center and right images are examples of creek trails.)?

In July 2014, the City of San Leandro was awarded $201,510 from the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) State Highway Account – Partnership Planning for Sustainable Transportation grant program. The grant allows for the development of the San Leandro Creek Trail Master Plan (a feasibility study), design concepts, and implementation strategy for segments of a six-mile multi-use trail with on-street options along San Leandro Creek through the cities of San Leandro and Oakland. Approximately 2.1 miles of the creek are located in the City of San Leandro, 2.1 miles in the City of Oakland, and 1.8 miles runs along the border of the two cities.

The San Leandro Creek Trail Master Plan Study project will build on several years of partnerships and community outreach which analyzed the corridor by engaging hundreds of diverse residents in envisioning how a greenway could enhance access to recreation, schools, and transit while promoting regional sustainability. The proposed greenway and creek restoration provides opportunities for residents in adjacent neighborhoods to access green space and recreational areas while also improving water quality, increasing habitat for native species, and protecting areas of historical, cultural, and ecological significance. The start date of the Master Plan was November 2015, with a final plan completed March 2017. Extensive public outreach was conducted through the Master Plan process.

To stay involved, please follow the Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan 2017.

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