Common Questions

Do I need a permit to put up a sign?

Yes. A sign erected without a permit is a violation of Sign Code Regulations.
(San Leandro Zoning Code Section 4-1814)

What kind of signs are prohibited? What can I do to make sure I comply?

Commonly, canvas signs, banners, pennant, streamers, balloons or other temporary signs are prohibited (Temporary signs, such as banners are permitted two times per year with a Temporary Sign Permit). Mobile A-frame, portable signs, feather signs, blimps, lasers, signs with flashing lights, and animated signs are also prohibited.

Signs that resemble any official governmental marker, or conflict with the proper functioning of any traffic sign or signal, or would be a hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic are prohibited.

Signs that produce odor, sound, smoke, fire, or other such emissions are prohibited.

To make sure you are in compliance, please contact Planning Services.

(San Leandro Zoning Code Section 4-1806 (L))

Can I put a sign on my personal vehicle?

No sign shall be affixed to any vehicle or trailer on a public street, on public or private property, unless the vehicle or trailer is intended to be used in its normal business capacity, and not for the sole purpose of attracting business. 
(San Leandro Zoning Code Section 4-1806)

Are there restrictions for signage related to construction work?

Construction signs may not exceed one sign/frontage, 32 sq. ft in face area, during the course of construction.
(San Leandro Zoning Code Section 4-1806 (G))

No vehicle or equipment shall be stored with mast arms in an elevated position.
(San Leandro Zoning Code Section 4-1824)

I have signs in my business window. Is this permitted?

Yes, though no window or contiguous group of window panes shall be covered by paper, paint, or have other signs which exceed 25 percent of the total area of the window.
(San Leandro Zoning Code Section 4-1806 (C))

Are there restrictions on holiday lights? Holiday lights and displays may be erected no sooner than 45 days before the holiday and must be removed within 14 days following the holiday. (San Leandro Zoning Code Section 4-1804 (12))

I am planning an Open House. What are my signage restrictions? For an Open House, you may display no more than five (5) signs between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm per property for sale. Each sign may not exceed five (5) sq ft in signage area. All signs must be installed on private property. (San Leandro Zoning Code Section 4-1806 (H))

What about Real Estate signage? In residential districts, Real Estate signs may not exceed six (6) sq. ft in signage area, exclusive of riders. You may display one sign per listing broker, per frontage of the property. Riders are limited to no more than 3 sq. ft.

In commercial and industrial districts, maximum sizes of Real Estate signs are based on frontage as follows:

Property Frontage Permitted Sign Size
 0 - 49 ft. 12 sq. ft.
50 - 199 ft. 24 sq. ft.
200+ ft. 32 sq. ft.

Additionally, window signs may not exceed the dimensions of 2x3 ft. All signage must be non-illuminated.  Sign structure shall be neutral or matching color.  All signs shall be maintained in good condition and free of graffiti.

(San Leandro Zoning Code Section 4-1806 (H))

What are the requirements for a Temporary Sign Permit? An individual tenant may place temporary signage on a site for a maximum of two fifteen (15) day periods each calendar year, subject to the approval of the Zoning Enforcement Official. Temporary signs are banners, flags, outdoor display of merchandise and other advertising devices.

(San Leandro Zoning Code Section 4-1806)

NOTE: Any sign deemed to be a hazard or sight obstruction for passing motorists is prohibited. 


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