Overgrown Vegetation/Landscaping

Overgrown Vegetation/Landscaping

Common Violations

What are the requirements for proper maintenance of my yard?

Overgrown vegetation is likely to harbor rats, vermin or other nuisances which could impact neighboring properties, the public right-of-way, or obstruct the view of drivers. Overgrown vegetation must be cut or trimmed such that it is no longer a nuisance. Please dispose of clippings in a proper manner, such as the green waste container.
(San Leandro Municipal Code Title 3, Section 3-1-200 (b) (2))

When are grasses and weeds too tall?

Grass and weeds on the property shall not be permitted to grow over 18 inches.
(San Leandro Municipal Code Title 3, Section 3-2-205)
(San Leandro Administrative Code Title XI, Section 11-4-110)

How tall are hedges permitted to be?

Hedges are an arrangement of plants or trees that form a barrier to enclose or screen areas of land and may obstruct the clear view of the property. Hedges are considered fences in the City's Zoning Code. Please see the Fences, Walls, Hedges Info Sheet for the requirements in commercial and residential districts.
(San Leandro Zoning Code 4-1682)

Am I responsible for maintaining the sidewalk and planting strip between the sidewalk and curb?

Yes, property owners are responsible for ensuring that the sidewalk in front of their house or business is not obstructed by landscaping and that the sidewalk is clear of weeds and other debris. Additionally, should land exist between the back of the curb and the sidewalk, property owners are responsible for maintaining this area.
(San Leandro Municipal Code Title III, Section 3-2-200 (b) (j))