Community Care

Community Care

Community Care


The mission of the Community Care Initiative is to work in partnership with residents to improve the quality of life and aesthetics in the community through education, cooperation and responsive enforcement.  We achieve this mission by responding to citizen complaints, enforcing the San Leandro Municipal Code and working to solve problems in a quick and fair manner.

How Do I Submit A Concern?

MySL is the City’s new customer service application and website. Submit your requests online via your mobile device or website. To track progress on your requests, it is recommended that you register and create an account but residents can also submit requests anonymously.

How Are Concerns Addressed? 

The City Manager's Office  works cooperatively with Police, Public Works, Building & Safety, Engineering & Transportation and Code Enforcement to uphold the City's ordinances relating to quality of life.

Questions about San Leandro’s Community Care Initiative? 

Please contact the City Manager's Office at 

510-577-3351 or

Community Care Services Include:

Animal Control

Abandoned & Illegally Parked Vehicles

Building Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

Public Property Concerns

Damaged Sidewalks

What Issues Are Handled by Other Departments or Agencies?

Trash & Recycling Collection

San Leandro has two service areas for refuse and recycling services. San Leandro is serviced by:

Alameda County Industries

Waste Management

Homeowner Associations (HOA)

*The City does not enforce HOA rules and regulations. Please contact to your HOA directly. 

Neighboring Fences & Vegetation

 Boundary fences that sit on the boundary line between two properties are the responsibility of both property owners.  Vegetation that crosses the boundary line between two properties is the responsibility of the respective property owner.

Stagnant Water & Neglected Pools

To report stagnant water such as neglected pools and find information on mosquito abatement

Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District at 510-783-7744