Fees & Fines

Fees and fines are payable with cash, check, debit card, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. There is a $5 minimum when paying with debit or credit cards. Library accounts will be blocked if fines exceed $10.

Overdue Fines



Maximum Fine
Adult Materials

40¢ per day

$10.00 per item
Juvenile Materials 25¢ per day $10.00 per item
Uncataloged Items (paperback books, magazines, pamphlets) Adults: 40¢ per day Juvenile: 25¢ per day $6.00 per item

Videos, DVDs, Blu-Rays (Non-rental)

$1.00 per day $15.00 per item

Lost & Damaged Material Fees

When an item is lost or damaged beyond repair, the list price plus a non-refundable processing fee will be charged. Damaged materials will have fees assessed by staff at the time of check in.

Material Non-refundable Processing Fee
Cataloged Items $10.00
Uncataloged Items $6.00
Plastic Case for Video, DVD, or CD $5.00
Book Cover $5.00

Fees for Special Services



Rental Books 50¢ per item, per day $1.00 minimum.
Check out day counts as Day 1.
Rental Videos & DVDs $3.00 per item, for 3 days $1.00 per day thereafter.
Check out day counts as Day 1.

Library Cards

See the Library Card Policies for more information about qualifications.

Patron Type


San Leandro Resident No Charge
San Leandro Property Owner No Charge
San Leandro Student (K-12) No Charge
San Leandro School Teacher No Charge
Non-resident of San Leandro $60.00 per year
Work Full-time in San Leandro $30.00 per year