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African-American Lists (.pdf files)
These lists feature works that celebrate African-American lives and culture. 
     Fiction Writers
     Mystery Writers
     Non-Fiction Writers
     Romance Writers

The Armchair Traveler Explores (.pdf files)
Explore the world from the comfort of your favorite armchair. These lists recommend novels, cookbooks, histories, movies and more that celebrate the distinct character of a particular land and its people.

Government Document Lists (.pdf files)
The United States Government produces a number of useful, informative, often fascinating materials.  These lists feature government items you can find here at the San Leandro Public Library, a designated member of the Federal Depository Library Program.  
     Basic Collection
     Notable Government Documents, 2008
     Notable Government Documents, 2009
     Notable Government Documents, 2010

Latino Lists (.pdf files)
These lists feature works that celebrate Latino lives, history, and culture. 

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