Blue Badge

blue week


 July 10 - July 16

orange week
Complete any 1 activity below, or read 1 book or for 1 hour.
Then, click the link below to redeem your BLUE badge!
online fun
offline activities
  • How blue is your sky or your ocean? Read by the ocean or take your book outdoors to read in the open air
  • Feeling blue? Journal or create a piece of art about what it means (to you) to feel blue.
  • Make an oceanic coffee-filter sun catcher.
  • Visit a body of water near you (the Marina, Lake Chabot, the Bay, etc). What do you notice about this place?
  • Fly a kite in the sky.
  • Make something with Blueberries.
reading suggestions
Did you complete at least 1 activity from here, or read for 1 hour or 1 whole book, or attend a library program? If so, click the button below to redeem your BLUE badge.
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