Brown Badge


June 19 - June 25

orange week
Complete any 1 activity below, or read 1 book or for 1 hour.
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online fun
offline activities
  • Get your hands dirty and garden!
  • Get some wildflower seeds from our Seed Lending Library.
  • Hit the dirt by hiking a trail at an East Bay Regional Park, or join their 2021 Trail Challenge!
  • Trees take care of one another — sending messages through their roots. Humans, like trees, are deeply connected — journal or make art that represents you and your forest (community).
  • Coffee and tea lovers! Brew yourself some local coffee/tea.
  • Learn how to make different kinds of knots out of rope.
reading suggestions


Did you complete at least 1 activity from here, or read for 1 hour or 1 whole book, or attend a library program? If so, click the button below to redeem your BROWN badge.


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