Orange Week

orange week


 June 12 - June 18

orange week

Complete any 1 activity below, or read 1 book or for 1 hour.
Then, click the link below to redeem your ORANGE badge!


online fun
  • Did you know that Monarch butterflies migrate through San Leandro each year? Learn about these beautiful orange insects.
  • Learn about Lava
  • Draw a doodle!
  • Write a Haiku
offline activities
  • Orange Poppies are the California State Flower- how many can you spot on your next walk?
  • Plant milkweed to create a Monarch butterfly habitat.
  • Monarch butterflies complete their migration over several generations; knowledge about how to reach their destination is passed down. Interview an elder in your family about your family history.
  • Can you peel an orange in a single spiral? Peel an orange and then take some time to sketch or paint what it looks like inside.
  • Watch the sunset at Marina Park.
  • DIY orange juice: Squeeze orange juice out of fresh oranges and enjoy.
  • Grab a basketball and shoot some hoops!
reading suggestions



Did you complete at least 1 activity from here, or read for 1 hour or 1 whole book, or attend a library program? If so, click the button below to redeem your Red badge.


redeem your orange badge
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