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orange week
Complete any 1 activity below, or read 1 book or for 1 hour.
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online fun
offline activities
  • Apply for a Library Card! Whether you are getting a new card, renewing your card or just making sure you still have yours, take the time to get acquainted with all you can do with a Library Card.
  • Check out the LGBTQ Crosswalk in San Leandro.
  • Make a rainbow for your window! Use washable paint, colorful tape, streamers or color a rainbow on paper using crayons/markers.
  • Dress yourself wearing all the colors of the rainbow (pants, shirt, sock, shoes, hat, jacket, backpack.)
  • Tie Dye an old favorite T-shirt using multiple colors.
  • Paint small objects different colors and then make a rainbow out of the objects.
reading suggestions
Did you complete at least 1 activity from here, or read for 1 hour or 1 whole book, or attend a library program? If so, click the button below to redeem your RAINBOW badge.
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