San Leandro Public Library is going fine free & eliminating its fee card


The San Leandro Public Library is excited to announce two important changes effective March 1, 2021: The Library is going overdue fine free and eliminating its fee card policy! Both policy changes are being implemented to continue to make the San Leandro Public Library a more inclusive and equitable place for all patrons. Here are some important facts about each policy change: 

  • Going overdue fine free means you will no longer be charged a daily overdue fine for late library materials. 

  • We will be doing a one-time amnesty and waiving all outstanding overdue fines on all library accounts. 

  • Patrons will still need to return library materials and will be charged a lost fee if the item is long overdue or damaged. 

  • Removing the outdated fee card policy means that we can better serve our community and remove the barriers it has created. 

  • All California residents will be able to apply for and receive a San Leandro Public Library card. 

The focus of all libraries is to provide free equitable access to its community; meaning free, fair, and impartial use of our resources and services. Eliminating these two policies will allow our library to provide more equitable access, and I hope you will join me in celebrating these historic changes and the library staff that made it happen. 

Visit our updated Lending Guidelines webpage for more information about going fine fee.

Visit our Libary Card webpage for more information about library card policies.