Summer Volunteers

Summer Teen Volunteer Program

for teens going into 9th to 12th grades during the 2020-2021 school year

 Attention Parent/Guardian: It is highly recommended that your teen is responsible for all correspondence regarding the Teen Volunteer Program; starting with the application process and continuing throughout their volunteer service. 

This program strives to prepare your child for his/her first job. We feel that the more responsibility that volunteers have in the successful execution of completing their service, the better prepared he or she will be to apply for jobs and enter the work force. When at all possible, please ask your teen to call, email, organize, and initiate!  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.



Due to shelter-in-place guidelines and the continuing spread of Novel Corona virus, we are unable to commit to offering in-person volunteer opportunities this summer. While this saddens us (we love interacting with our teen volunteers, and watching them support younger readers), we do have some remote volunteer opportunities that you can apply for! If we are able to bring in teen volunteers over the course of the summer, we will contact those who have already applied and indicated their interest in the application. 

For all of these options, you will need to apply online. In your application, you'll have an opportunity to let me know which roles you're interested in. You can absolutely volunteer in more than one role over the course of the summer.
Digital Reading Buddies: Join young readers (grades 1-6) on a Library-hosted Zoom chat and support reading fluency by listening to them read and encouraging them 
Reviews: Read and review YA and adult books for the Teen Lounge Newsletter and receive 1 hour of service per review. Read the guidelines for reviews here.
Articles: Write about your COVID-19 experiences, what you see happening in the world, self-care tips — or something else!
Write a Card to a Senior: Make and write cards for seniors — to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or just everyday joys. Supplies can be picked up from the library and finished cards can be dropped off during open hours.