Alarm Program

Alarm Program

Alarm Program


Each year the San Leandro Police Department responds to approximately 4,700 audible or silent alarms.  Of these, 96% are false.  Most false alarms are the result of user error or faulty equipment.  As a consequence, uniformed Police Officers are taken away from critical tasks including other emergency calls.

The City of San Leandro, in an effort to reduce the number of false alarms, has in place a City ordinance regulating the sale, installation, maintenance and use of alarm systems.  The Alarm Ordinance is contained in the San Leandro Municipal (Title 4, Chapter 4-6).  To review it, please click here.

Registration of your alarm system is a requirement of the ordinance.  There is currently no fee to do this.  The information from this form is placed into the Police Department's Communication Center database.  This allows the Police Department the opportunity to telephone you, or up to three other people listed on your emergency contact list, should the need arise.

Listed below is a link to the Alarm Program Emergency Information Form, as well as a link to the Police Department's "Residential False Alarm Prevention" brochure.

Alarm Program Emergency Information Form

Residential False Alarm Prevention Brochure

If you would like further information regarding the Alarm Program or have questions about the Alarm Ordinance, please contact the Alarm Administrator at (510) 577-3288.