Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling

Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling

Construction Debris Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris constitutes as much as 16% of the materials deposited in Alameda County landfills. Construction and demolition materials are easily recyclable if a project is planned well. And, contractors may actually save money by recycling rather than landfilling waste. In 2003, The City of San Leandro adopted a Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Ordinance to ensure that job site debris is recycled.

What are the requirements?

The Ordinance requires contractors to recycle 100% of all asphalt/concrete and 50% of all other C&D debris from construction and demolition projects valued at $100,000 or greater at the time the building permit is issued.

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet for more information.

As of January 1, 2017, state law requires a C&D waste management plan and 65% waste diversion for all new construction, all commercial renovations and most residential additions/alterations.  For more information visit the California Building Standards Commission website at:

How do I comply?

To demonstrate compliance, complete and submit a Waste Diversion Plan online by going to Green Halo Systems. Then, upload recycling and disposal receipts minimum every 30-days and submit the Waste Diversion Report before scheduling the final inspection.

How do I complete the Waste Diversion Plan?

  • Determine the type of materials that will be generated at the site
  • Plan how you will handle the discarded debris
  • Determine who will remove the debris and where it will be recycled
  • Go to
  • Input your project information including the Building Permit Number
  • Upload recycling and disposal receipts minimum every 30-days
  • Submit the Waste Diversion Report prior to scheduling the final inspection

    Please contact Green Halo Systems at (888) 525-1301 for assistance  with the waste management plan.

    What are my options for hauling materials?

    Your options for recycling construction and demolition materials from the jobsite are:

  • Self-haul mixed material loads to a mixed C&D recycling facility (See below)
  • Obtain a debris box from the local franchised waste hauler (See below)
  • Separate materials on site and self-haul to various recycling facilities
  • Use a state licensed construction clean-up contractor (classification D63) to separate materials on site and deliver to local recycling facilities  

    What is a Mixed C&D Facility?

    Mixed C&D facilities accept mixed loads of materials (i.e. cardboard, wood, metal, drywall, etc.) that they sort, process, and distribute. Going to a mixed C&D facility is a convenient option if you do not have the jobsite space to separate materials, and/or if you do not have the time to take sorted materials to various recycling facilities.

    Note: Recycling fees for mixed loads tend to be higher than for separated loads. Materials must be directed to the recycling area at these facilities to be properly recycled.

    The following facilities accept mixed loads of construction debris:

    1. Bee Green Recycling & Supply, LLC, Oakland (510) 636-0852
    2. Davis Street Transfer Station, San Leandro (510) 638-2303
    3. Fremont Recycling & Transfer Station, Fremont (510) 252-0500
    4. Guadalupe Materials Recovery Facility, San Jose (408) 268-1670
    5. Marin Resource Recovery Center, San Rafael (415) 485-5646
    6. Newby Island Landfill, San Jose (408) 262-1401
    7. Recology, San Francisco (415) 330-1400
    8. Vasco Road Landfill, Livermore (925) 447-0491
    9. Zanker Material Processing Facility, San Jose (408) 263-2384

    How do I obtain a C&D debris box?

    There are two exclusive franchised waste haulers that operate in the City of San Leandro. To obtain a debris box you must use the hauler designated for your job site:

    1. Alameda County Industries: (510) 357-7282
    2. Waste Management of Alameda County: (510) 613-8710

    It is important to notify the franchised waste hauler that you are required by the City to recycle the debris.

    Note: Section 3-6-320 of the San Leandro Municipal Code states that no one other than the City’s exclusive franchisee may collect solid waste, recyclables, or green waste within the City of San Leandro. Contractors and sub-contractors may remove construction and demolition debris from the property where they are performing work as an incidental part of a construction project.

    In addition, Section 3-6-340 of the  San Leandro Municipal Code states that no one other than the City or its franchisee or contractor may place a container within the City for the collection of solid waste, recyclables, or green waste, unless the person is the owner, operator, or manager of a residential property or commercial or industrial establishment and self-hauls such material.

    Other Recycling Resources?

    To find options for local recycling facilities, clean-up contractors, deconstruction contractors, or building reuse stores, use the StopWaste Recycling Guide.

    What if the debris from my project is contaminated?

    If the debris from the job site is contaminated with asbestos, lead or other hazardous materials, you must still complete the Waste Diversion Plan, designating the contaminated material for disposal and listing the disposal site. You must also obtain a letter from the disposal site stating that the material is contaminated and cannot be recycled, and submit the letter to staff to be exempted from the ordinance requirements.

    For more information about building and zoning requirements in the city visit the Building Services Page.