Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

The City of San Leandro adopted a comprehensive Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Policy on October 4, 2004. The policy encourages all staff to consider environmental aspects when procuring products and services for the City.

The purpose of the policy is to:

  • Money Tree Conserve natural resources,
  • Minimize environmental impacts such as pollution and use of water and energy,
  • Eliminate or reduce toxins that create hazards to workers and our community,
  • Support strong recycling markets,
  • Divert materials from landfills,
  • Increase the use and availability of environmentally preferable products that protect the environment, and
  • Identify environmentally preferable products and distribution systems.

By actively seeking environmentally preferable products at your business you can improve worker health and safety, increase operating efficiency, reduce costs and liabilities, and have a positive impact on the local and global environment.

Factors to consider when buying products and services:
  • Durability
  • Water and energy conservation
  • Reduction of material use
  • Recycled-content of materials
  • Recyclability of materials
  • Reduction or elimination of packaging
  • Ability to repair and reuse
  • Reduction in toxicity

Purchasing Resources

City of San Leandro - Purchasing Division

Register as a vendor with the City and receive email notification of bid and quote opportunities. Get information on current bid, quote, and RFP opportunities, as well as, the City's purchasing policy.


StopWaste provides countywide EPP programs and resources. From this site you can download product fact sheets, model policy language, model specifications, green building tools, and bay friendly landscaping tools

US EPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) site offers information about environmentally preferable products and services, and a suite of tools including a searchable database of product-specific information.

US EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG)

The CPG Program is part of EPA's effort to promote the use of recycled products to federal agencies and elsewhere. This site contains product factsheets with minimum recycled-content standards for various products.