Marina Rules & Regulations

Marina Rules & Regulations

Mooring of Vessels  Marina Yachts

The length of any vessel including any and all appurtenances thereon shall not exceed the length of its berth.

Vessels shall be moored in such a manner that no part extends beyond the limit of the berth.

Addition of equipment to a vessel causing it to exceed the length of its berth will require moving to a larger berth, or, if necessary, vacating the harbor.

Mooring lines shall be of sufficient number and strength to ensure that the vessel shall be secure in the highest winds that can reasonably be expected.

Movement of Vessels within the Marina

Movement of vessels within the Marina shall be for the purpose of entering or leaving a berth. Cruising within the Marina, in any size vessel, is prohibited.

Moving of Vessel by City

The mooring of a boat within the San Leandro Marina does not include exclusive right to any particular berth. Boats may be relocated within the Marina when such relocation is required to ensure public safety or is in the best interest of marina operation as determined by the City Manager or his/her authorized representative.

Use of Vessel as a Residence

No vessel moored within the Marina shall be used as a place of residence unless liveaboard status is granted by the City. For the purpose of this regulation, any vessel used as an overnight accommodation in excess of two nights in any seven-day period shall be considered a residence.

Effective January, 2012, the City is no longer accepting new liveaboard permits.

Sanitary Facilities

All vessels moored within this marina having sanitary facilities (toilet, sink, etc.) aboard shall have such facilities maintained so as to be in full compliance with all current "Marina Sanitation Device" regulations.

Nothing whatsoever, liquid or solid, shall be discharged into the waters of the Marina. Holding tank pump-out stations are provided directly adjacent to the Marina Office (self service, 24 hours a day 7 days a week). Violation of this regulation will be cause for immediate termination of the Berthing Rental Agreement.

Boat Maintenance

Routine boat maintenance work within the Marina shall be limited to that which is ordinarily required to keep a vessel in good condition. No major reconstruction work that normally would be done in a boat repair facility or would tend to make a boat unseaworthy or unsightly shall be undertaken in the Marina. Berth renters performing routine maintenance shall not obstruct piers and access to fingers with tools and equipment.


Spray painting within the Marina is strictly prohibited. Other painting/varnishing may be done only in a manner which precludes spillage upon marina waters or any and all public areas.

Welding and Burning

Whenever it is necessary to perform work onboard a vessel involving the use of welding or burning equipment, the Harbor Master shall be advised of the nature and extent of the work, the workers or company doing the job, and the date and time the work will be done. This notification shall be given prior to starting the work and whenever practicable at least one day before the work is to be performed.

Waste Disposal

Disposal of expended lubrication oils and bilge contaminants is to be confined to the waste oil tank provided near the fuel dock. There is no charge for this service. Waste of this type is not to be discharged overboard or placed in trash containers.


Boarding steps may be used for access to a boat providing they are no wider than one half of the width of the finger to which the boat is moored, are well maintained, painted white or grey in color, of lightweight construction, and not used as a storage locker.

Storage on Piers and Fingers

Nothing may be stored on the piers or fingers, except in lockers furnished by the city.

Storage of Row Boats and Dinghies

Dinghies and row boats, owned by berthers, when not on board the owner's vessel, may be kept in the water at the end of the owner's berth, if there is sufficient room. They may not be placed on the piers or fingers except for minor repair and must not obstruct free access or be left on the pier, except when the owner is present.

Posting of Signs

Signs on boats moored in the San Leandro Marina shall be limited to one non-illuminated, neatly lettered sign not exceeding 15 inches by 20 inches displayed at or near deck level.

Vessel Registration

Upon change of either registered or legal ownership of a vessel moored in this marina, the Harbor Master shall be advised of the change within 15 days of date of sale/transfer. No vessel other than the one specified on the agreement for berth rental shall be moored in the assigned berth.

City Property

Modification/alteration of any city structures, facilities, or components thereof, is prohibited. Security gate keys will be issued only to the person who is the "Berther of Record."

Boat Coverings

The covers must not have any rips or tears, must be snug and properly tied down, and kept in a neat and clean manner. Thin tarp material is not acceptable. Any covering not meeting the above criteria must be removed or replaced Modification/alteration of any city structures, facilities, or components thereof, is prohibited. Security gate keys will be issued only to the person who is the "Berther of Record."

Dock Finger Cleanliness

It is the responsibility of the berther to keep the finger portion of the berth assigned clean. Pressure washers are available at the Marina Office for a one day use.

Off-Shore Mooring

Off-shore mooring of boats is prohibited within the jurisdiction of the San Leandro city limits based on the preservation of public health and safety and orderliness at the Marina and shoreline.  

The above rules and regulations are found under SLMC 4-19-120.