Community Care

Community Care

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance of City-owned right-of-ways including streets, sidewalks, median landscapes, and other public areas. The department is also responsible for overseeing garbage, recycling collection services provided by Alameda County Industries (ACI); regulating hazardous materials storage on private property; and responding to hazardous material spills.

The department does not remove vegetation, junk and other debris from the following types of properties:

  • Caltrans owned and maintained
  • Railroad lines and privately-owned rail spurs
  • Privately-owned residences or businesses (occupied or vacant)
  • Right-of-ways outside the incorporated City limits
  • Flood control channels
  • School District owned and maintained

Graffiti is removed from City-owned right-of-ways and from privately-owned properties where the graffiti is visible from the right-of-way. Crews will not access private property to remove graffiti without written consent from the property owner.

Use MySL to report a concern or contact the Public Works Message Line at 510-577-3400.


Garbage & Recycling

Hazardous Materials

Illegal Dumping

Overgrown Vegetation

Street Sweeping