San Leandro is dedicated to being a sustainable, livable city. We are working hard to address the threats of human-induced climate change by reducing pollutants, conserving precious resources, and strengthening our community resilience to a changing climate and rising sea levels.

Check out materials for the Climate Action Plan update here. 

Read City of San Leandro's Resolution Declaring a Climate Emergency and Request for Regional Collaboration on an Immediate Just Transition and Emergency Mobilization Effort to Restore a Safe Climate

Read City of San Leandro's Commitment to Become a SolSmart Community

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Award Recognitions

City of San Leandro was recognized by the Beacon Award Program in 2020 by the Institute for Local Government on addressing climate change and energy efficiency in the following areas:

  • Platinum Level Award for 20% Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions 
  • Gold Level Award for 10% Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions 
  • Platinum Level Award for 32% Agency Energy Savings 
  • Gold Level Award for Sustainability Best Practices